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What we do

Our business networking group has been on the move in the Greater Houston Area since 1998 with the same core membership.

Our members each have exclusive representation for an industry or profession, so we are always looking for new members who can enrich the group in areas where our members do not currently serve. We seek to have a membership of around 25 to 30 members.

Meetings are held weekly on Thursday mornings from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. at 3900 Essex Lane, Ste 1000. A full breakfast buffet is part of the membership program.

Our networking approach centers on three principles:

  • "Rule of 250." If each member of the group has 250 contacts who might be a potential referral, then each member has a potential group of referrals equal to 250 times the number of active members! With 25 members, this is 6,250 prospects within easy reach!
  • "Rule of reciprocity." If you give someone a referral, they will be more motivated to give you a referral in return. For this reason, we emphasize the giving of referrals by each member, since that is something that each member can actively pursue as a goal.
  • "Rule of specificity." If you can clearly identify those prospects who would be beneficial  to you, it is easier for your associates to think of prospects they might refer to you. And, specifically identifying your best prospects causes associates to think of referrals who do not even meet that description! Call it the "serendipity benefit"!
If you are interested in participating in our group, please send a brief description of your background using the email link on our Contact page, so we can determine whether we have an opening within our group for someone in your field.

A helpful tool for leading you to successful referral partner relationships is our 1-to-1 Meeting Checklist

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